Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dumb shit film school kids say

Offender Details
age: 30
department/area of concentration: communications - film
projects completed: senior thesis
additional details (i've included this for a reason): not even in a band. not even in a "band". actually who are we kidding here, this individual doesn't play a single musical instrument.

Real-life dumb shit film school kids say:
offender: "I'm from New York."

DSASKS: "Me too! I grew up in Brooklyn. I'm dying to leave. Have you ever lived anywhere else?"

offender: "Not really, other than Long Island."

DSASKS: "No desire to explore?"

offender: "I like New York. There are so many people here who have the same taste in music as me."

DSASKS: "Oh, do you play music?'

offender: "Nah, I never really got into that."

Yes, sweetheart. Passively appreciating the products of other peoples' creativity (music, etc.) is truly the point of life. Especially for someone who works freelance because they've found their "passion" in life and have chosen to follow their "heart" to pursue their "dream": making a senior thesis project.


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