Friday, March 15, 2013

That's cool, at least it's good money.

Offender Details
age: 27
projects completed: senior thesis; played in a band once (bass)
department/area of concentration: visual arts - painting

Real-life dumb shit that art school kids say:
offender: "I went to school upstate. For art, actually."

DSASKS: "Painting? Sculpture?"

offender: "Yeah, painting."

DSASKS: "That shit is not easy."

offender: "It's definitely not that accessible to most people. Do you do something artistic too?"

DSASKS: "No, I went to school for psychology. Experimental psychology, it's more academic..."

offender: "Do you like it?"

DSASKS: "Yeah."

offender: "That's cool. At least it's good money."

DSASKS: -----

offender: "You know, my brother and my sister are both in medical-type fields. My sister's a dentist and my brother's in nursing school."

Two naive misconceptions that no twenty-fucking-seven-year-old should ever have: 1) all pursuits that aren't artistic are motivated by vocational objectives 2) all pursuits that aren't artistic are profitable

#1 also has an additional misconception implicit in it: pursuits connected to art are always taken up as a labor of love and a personal passion. (PLEASE, like there's no cultural capital in "freelancing" or "being an artist". And like artistic creativity isn't fetishized, especially by young people who like to have sex.)

And finally, one misconception that NO college-educated person should hold, but that most people (not just art school kids) do hold: Psychology is a health/social services field. 

In actuality, that thing that Frasier Crane/the school counselor/that woman who prescribes you xanax does is only a small part of what the word "Psychology" refers to. Independently of all that, Psychology is also an academic discipline. And it's the only social science that concerns itself with the universal tendencies of man, or "human nature". (Outside of that, you have to look to the biologists.)

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