Friday, March 15, 2013

I don't like logic. (But I do like dismissing things I don't know about.)

Offender Details
age: 31
projects completed: senior thesis
department/area of concentration: communications department - film (at a non-arts-focused university, where he could easily have expanded his mind beyond his own area of study.)

Real-life dumb shit that art school kids say:
DSASKS: have you ever looked into propositional logic? I think you would love it. Your thought process is very logical.

offender: What's propositional logic?

DSASKS: P's and Q's? It's essential for any student of philosophy, because it teaches you how to think. And how to construct a non-reactionary argument that follows a coherent line of reasoning.

offender: Oh, you mean like if...then questions?

DSASKS: Yeah! That's part of it.

offender: Yeah, I've never really been into those. I don't like how they try to like, push you toward a certain conclusion.

Film school kids get their stupidity from their art school friends.

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